North West medical facilities offer safe termination of pregnancy abortion

women seeking to terminate their pregnancies  medical abortion in north west Klerksdorp and Rustenburg Mafikeng and Lichtenburg Potchefstroom from R300 same day no pain

Medical Abortions

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Medical abortions use medication (pills or tablets) only. A patient will take pill the abortion medicines to end the pregnancy. The patient will take the pills tablet, and are taken later at home. Within 4 to 6 hours of taking the tablet, pain and bleeding will follow, then loss of pregnancy that’s abortion.

A woman may experience symptoms similar to a miscarriage. This option is available to women who are 4 to 12 weeks pregnant and is administered by self termination at home, as well as women who are 12 to 28 weeks pregnant where it will be administered by a medical. 


At Our Abortion clinic  we offer safe Abortion pills to women who have decided to carry out termination of their pregnancy. We have qualified and well trained nurses experience in termination of pregnancy.
Our nurses and doctors are accredited professionals and experts its safe and pain free  you  can all so buy abortion pills and do it at your home .

so feel free to call us  its safe pain free students a given discount , NO one will be given information about your visit to  our abortion  clinic unless by the low

How  Termination Done At our clinic

The termination is done same day  with alternative to  T OP  pills, surgical or vacuum aspiration  and its safe and pain free  termination for women who elect to terminate an early pregnancy  at our clinic

The pill  inhibits and blocks the essential reproductive hormone progesterone that plays a critical role for the initiation and maintenance of pregnancy with in 45 mints than you get back to  your  periods and pain free. 

The Abortion Procedure

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Patients will be given Abortion  pill by  orally (under the tongue) the abortion Pill  blocks progesterone hormones which help keeping together the pregnancy  and causes the uterus to expand causing a miscarriage which is the termination process within short period of time only 45 mints. The patient will continue to bleed for her normal days of menstruation periods. just like your normally periods   pains ,

  For those have who have done  Abortion before  same where else and did not get helped are welcomed At our Clinic As we have other different procedures for those clients who tried the pill it has failed for them.   At Our abortion Clinic pills are  on sell From 300 Rand  call now

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Dr Sphe Abortion clinics In Klerksdorp , Call /What’s app +27740748657 | women’s clinics in Klerksdorp  provides a range of approved abortion services up to 24 weeks pregnancy(s) medical abortion , aspiration and surgical procedure at affordable costs.

Abortion clinics In Klerksdorp  have national reputation providing highest quality abortion service | abortion procedures at low prices in a safe , private and caring environment . kindness , courtesy and respect .
we offer different abortion methods to terminate 1 to 24 weeks  of unplanned pregnancy(s).
 These  methods include the medical abortion | abortion pills , aspiration procedure  

They are designed to naturally release a woman’s pregnancy tissue in a gentle and safe way, which does not cause damage.

Rustenburg abortion pills

Sphe Private owned abortion clinic approved . In addition to comprehensive gynecological services, we have been leading providers of high-quality abortion care since 2008.

We are known to medical abortion providers, both across the country and internationally, as being a leader in women’s reproductive healthcare, including abortion clinic services.

Our highly skilled staff is trained to assist you through a safe, comfortable, to do abortion with confidentiality