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From 1 week of pregnancy and beyond. Contact us and we will deliver to you with all instructions(NB: Confidentiality is also considered for our clients). We also offer 24 hr. phone support. After The Termination Has Been Carried Out. After the Termination of pregnancy, You are Required to get another set of pills for recovery or cleaning of your womb. Termination of pregnancy carried out because of Rape Teenage pregnancy. After the Termination of pregnancy, You are Required to get another set of pills for recovery or cleaning of your womb.

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For many women, ending a pregnancy is a difficult decision. When the woman cannot discuss the abortion or alternatives with a healthcare provider, its very stressful. Contact us and you will get the best among the best abortion care from Dr Akhona.

Termination Of Un wanted Pregnancy

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Abortion Pills in Welkom

Medical Abortion is when we shall be using pills to terminate the pregnancy without any complications because we have experience in terminations of pregnancies and all procedures are  performed by qualified doctors your on you appointment date, our trained staff will discuss with you the treatment options available for you.

Medical abortion Pills

Our Abortion Clinics / Women’s Clinic are legalized and offer:– Confidential Medical Abortion – We use Approved Abortion Pills- We provide  Womb cleaning pills- All students qualify for 10% discounts Progesterone will be given to you by swallowing it because its meant to weaken the lining of the uterus hence breaking it down because without it, the pregnancy can’t continue. 

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Non-surgical process (Termination Pills) is supposed to stop your pregnancy. Hinder the Pregnancy from growing and vaginal suppositories of Termination Pills which will help expel your pregnancy. With no major complications, No risks for future ability to have children. The earlier you are in the pregnancy the less bleeding and cramping you will have to Experience.

Abortion pills

Medical Abortion Abortion Pills Procedure, also known as medication abortion, is a type of non-surgical…

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safe abortion

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Safe abortion

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