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Mbombela Safe abortion clinics is committed in providing women faced with cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger with affordable safe abortion services at discounted prices and womb cleaning is provided free of charge to all clients.

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As one of the legal safe abortion clinics in South-Africa, we have decided to extend our abortion services to the neighboring province because we realized many women are faced with unsafe abortion procedures that sometimes cost their lives and others have long term effects.

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We are committed to helping every woman make the best decision for herself with the help of our friendly staff who have several years of expertise in the field of legal termination of pregnancy.

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Medical abortion procedure is a non surgical procedure where medication is used to bring about abortion process and done on the same day.

We offer abortion Pills at the best prices we also offer abortion procedures at our abortion clinics across Mpumalanga, here we use medication to bring about abortion In Nelspruit Mbombela and other places in the province, medical procedures are considered to be safer than surgical.

Failed Abortions At clinics? Try our services. if you have tried several Times And You Don’t Get Help Don’t worry we Shall Help you because our services are Guaranteed To Work Same Day Services With No Side Effects 100% Safe done same day Delivery Of Abortion Pills To your Address Privately.

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Terminating an early pregnancy from 1 week to 28 weeks is easy. You can utilize World Health Organization recognized medication and you should be fine, safe and free of an unwanted pregnancy in no time. We shall show you how.

We are part of a movement to make ending early pregnancy part of “normal” medical care. We feel the system of abortion clinics is out of date, and early abortion methods should be offered in regular family practice offices. It is not complicated at all. All you must have is the right information and the right medication and you will be perfectly fine. 

Safe abortion pills Mbombela

   Remember: Termination of pregnancy is a time sensitive decision. Decide as soon as possible because what is in you keeps growing. At some point you will not get help because you will be LATE. So decide and do it as soon as possible and we shall help you. abortion pills from R300

Many women are unaware that there are two non surgical methods that are best for ending early pregnancy: the Manual Aspiration procedure, and the Abortion Pill. These methods are gentle to the body, and do not cause problems for future pregnancy. There is no scarring because there is no electric suction or sharp instruments. We help compare your options to help you make a better decision 

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This is one of the safest way and the cheapest way to terminate a pregnancy.

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If you are pregnant and can not afford surgical abortion please do not try anything else. Do not try things like stametta, do not try all things you hear all people around you talk about that will terminate a pregnancy. They do not work. And they may even damage your body.

The cheapest and safest way to terminate a pregnancy is to use a pill.